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user manual

for LEDX lights, according to the enclosed data sheet

In the event of damage caused by non-observance of these instructions, the warranty.

We assume no liability for consequential damage resulting from this.
These instructions must be read carefully before installing the lamp.

General safety instructions
  • All electrical installations must be carried out by a qualified electrician!

    • ATTENTION: Before starting installation, make sure that the mains cable for the lamp is voltage-free!

    • Caution, risk of death!

  • Luminaire of protection class I (luminaire with protective conductor): If there is no cable or EU plug, so the yellow/green protective earth conductor (mains side) must be connected to the protective earth terminal of the luminaire will.

  • Pay attention to a careful assembly to avoid cable crushing.

  • The lamp may only be used in accordance with its design.

  • Suitable as a moisture-proof lamp (from class IP65).

  • Suitable for the ambient temperature according to the data sheet of your light.

  • Do not look directly into the LEDs and do not shine the LEDs in the eyes of yourself or others.

  • Care instructions: Regularly remove dust from the PC lens and heatsink to ensure good heat dissipation to guarantee.
    Clean the PC lens regularly to maintain high light transmittance.

  • Only clean the lamp when it is switched off.
    Use only one for cleaning

    • No caustic or abrasive cleaning agents may be used, as the lamp could be damaged (e.g. stains).

    • After cleaning, allow the lamp to dry completely before using it again put into operation.

  • damp cloth.

  • Packaging materials such as foil bags do not belong in the hands of children.

    • Make sure that  any enclosed small parts (screws, dowels, etc.) do not get into the hands of children! 

    • Children could swallow these parts or injure themselves with them.

​Assembly instructions
  • Installation must be carried out by a qualified electrician!

    • ATTENTION: Before starting the installation, make sure that the mains cable for the lamp is voltage-free!
      Caution, risk of death!

    • Make sure that any lines laid in the fastening area are not damaged.

  •  Opening the light: May only be carried out by a qualified electrician.

  • For DC output, the red wire corresponds to positive power polarity and the black wire corresponds to negative.

Be careful not to reverse positive and negative!

Disposal Instructions

At the end of its service life, the lamp must be disposed of properly; it must not be disposed of with normal household waste be disposed of.

See also the symbol of the crossed-out garbage can!

End users (you as our customer) must collect waste electrical equipment separately from unsorted municipal waste (not in the residual waste bin!). Furthermore, old batteries and old accumulators that are not enclosed by old equipment are, as well as lamps that can be removed from the old device without destroying them, before they are handed over to a Return/collection point to be separated from the old device in a non-destructive manner. The disposal costs have to be borne by the end user.

You can return the old device to the responsible municipal return facilities. In addition, for Germany, that we have to inform and support you about the possibility of taking back B2B old devices. This one Luminaires must be returned separately.

The aim is to protect the environment and health, regulated by the ElektroG.
By the way: LED lights are more than 90% recyclable!
Dispose of the packaging by type.

Contact/support via email at or call us on Tel. +43/699/164 73 458.

Additional Disposal Information/European WEEE Directive
for Germany:
and Austria:
LEDX is registered with the "Stiftung Elektro-Altgeräte Register" (EAR) with the WEEE reg. no. 18165115
Registered in Austria under the ERA license number 52046.

Service - queries

If you have any further questions, please contact us by telephone or send an e-mail. We can often help you quickly and easily.

Please hold for Questions the article number ready:

You can also find this on the data sheet, your invoice or on the Nameplate of the lamp.

phone: 0043/699 164 73 458,



LEDX Gebrauchsanleitung
LEDX Gebrauchsanleitung
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