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Coral light

- Lighting for saltwater aquariums and corals - 

The LEDX CORAL LIGHT series is specially designed for the lighting of saltwater aquariums with hard and soft corals. Due to the high proportion of blue, the water appears fresh and a color fastness of more than 75% (CRI 75) is achieved. The wavelengths have been designed to have a positive impact on coral growth.

The LEDX CORAL LIGHT is available in the light colors 10,000 or 12,000 Kelvin and in different outputs (50-200 watts) and there are beam angles of 15°, 40°, 60° or 90° per 50 watt module to choose from. All lights in this series have a protection class of IP66 and are passively cooled. They are also available in a dimmable version. The energy label (NEW) is energy efficiency F with a lumen value of more than 100 per watt.

Further information on housing colors and technical details can be found in the LEDX CORAL LIGHT data sheets.

Coral light
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