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Day light

- Universal lighting for maximum color vibrancy -

The LEDX DAY LIGHT series is a perfect solution when color fastness is of the highest priority. With a very high color rendering value of CRI 95 and a neutral, pleasant light of 4000 Kelvin, this series of lights offers optimal color representation of animals and plants. The variety of wavelengths encourages butterflies to fly, promotes plant growth and offers many other benefits. Whether as basic lighting or additional lighting, the LEDX DAY LIGHT series is available with an output of 50-200 watts and a selection of beam angles (per 50 watt module). The LEDX DAY LIGHT has a protection class of IP66 and is passively cooled. A dimmable version is optionally available. With an energy efficiency of E and a lumen per watt value of over 120, the LEDX DAY LIGHT has an energy label (NEW) from E.

The LEDX DAY LIGHT is suitable for applications where a solar spectrum and high color rendering (CRI >95) are required. Examples of this are butterfly houses, animal enclosures, plant lighting in offices, stairwells and much more.

Day light
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